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StageDoor Theatre's Committee Volunteers are the heartbeat of our organization. We literally couldn’t do it without you. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the theatre and the community.  StageDoor provides a variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the year in all facets of our programming. It is a great way to broaden your connection to the theatre community, develop new skills, and meet new people.

Interested in joining a committee?

Community Outreach Committee
The focus of the Community Outreach committee is to establish and nurture positive relationships between StageDoor and the surrounding community by identifying target audiences; recruiting, supporting, and reaching out to volunteers; understanding the community needs; and executing strategies for outreach efforts.


Marketing Committee
StageDoor Theatre’s Marketing Committee is charged with getting the word out about StageDoor Theater, its productions, and its fundraising and community outreach activities. The Marketing Committee looks into the best ways to promote SDT and its shows.


Programming Committee
The Play Selection Committee shall support the Board in the discovery, analysis, and selection of all season shows, including but not limited to plays, musicals, murder mysteries, cabarets, and play readings.  

We commit to utilizing our beautiful StageDoor space more graciously and effectively, for not only more artistic works such as plays, musicals, and live music, but also to special interest programming such as improv, workshops, and events that will help all members of our community to  feel welcome and included.


Fundraising and Grants Committee
The Fundraising Committee oversees the development and implementation of an annual Fundraising Plan and identifies external sources of support (e.g. sponsors, grants, advertisers, events, annual campaigns, employer match programs.)


Operations Committee
Chaired by the Vice President, the Operations Committee reviews budgets and projects, and makes recommendations to the Board.  With the Finance Committee, the committee advises on contracts and other financial and personnel issues. The committee advises on technology and operational issues, as well as verification and validation procedures.


Tech Committee
The Tech Committee operates, maintains, and safeguards the technical assets of the theatre, including lighting, sound, scenic, staging, costumes, and props. The committee assists with preparation and control of production budgets relative to tech, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding capital purchases. The committee also assists in recruiting and training volunteers and contracted staff.

Finance Committee
StageDoor Theatre’s Finance Committee is established by the Board of Directors to provide oversight and guidance to the Board Treasurer and bookkeeper, and to recommend financial policies, strategies and budgets that support the mission, values and strategic plan of the Theatre. The Committee’s purpose is to ensure the financial integrity of the Theatre in pursuit of its mission to inspire the hearts and minds of its performers and patrons of all ages.

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