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Donating Your


StageDoor Theatre welcomes donations of props and wardrobe/costume pieces. Please contact us with any pieces you would like to donate. Below are some guidelines for your donations.

Acting & Drama Classes

In order to keep the costume collection at a manageable size in our storage, we are asking for donations of items that would be most frequently useful and more difficult to come across when needed.  Modern clothing is readily available in actors’ closets so we don’t need to keep these things in stock.  If you are unsure if an item(s) is useful or is not listed or would like to schedule a time to drop off a donation, feel free to email us at  

Highly Useful Clothing Items
  • Fabric - best if at least 4 yards but as small as 1 or 2 yards is good.  

  • Notions and trims - lace lace, ribbon, buttons, snaps, zippers, trim, velcro…

  • Crinolines/hoop skirts/slips

  • Men's and boys' two and three piece suits

  • Girls' and women's dresses and dressy clothing

  • Distinctive uniforms – cheerleader, nurse, maid, military, police, band, etc

  • Dance shoes - tap, character, jazz, and ballet of all sizes

  • Children's dress shoes

  • Gloves, wigs, hairpieces, hats

  • Vintage clothing in good shape

Highly Useful Prop Items
  • Old silverware

  • Kinck-knacks

  • Old-fashioned phones

  • Household items, especially period pieces

  • Chairs

  • Please email us at to set up an appointment

Singing & Dance
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