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Looking for a great place for young actors to learn and perform? Since 2002, StageDoor has provided year-round performing arts education to students of all ages in the mountain community and surrounding areas. StageDoor’s Educational Program welcomes all students, K-12. Classes support the aspiring performer, as well as students simply wanting to experience the stage and all it has to offer.  

Acting & Drama Classes
Premiere Company
for Elementary Students

Young thespians (Grades K-5) focus on the fundamentals of acting, singing and dance; they explore body language, improvisation and characterization, vocal tone and flexibility, free movement, non-verbal communication and body awareness. A director, music director, choreographer, and student director guide students through the magical world of musical theatre packed full of adventure, self-discovery and heart, all while experiencing teamwork and pure fun.

Singing & Dance
Junior Company
for Middle School Students

Students in Grades 6-8 are exposed to all areas of the performing arts as they prepare for a professional production. The expansive production team consists of a highly-qualified director, music director, choreographer and stage manager. They teach skills to promote growth in a wide range of specialties, including vocal enhancement, choreography, acting technique, and character development, all while promoting a team atmosphere in a supportive environment.

Senior Company
for High School Students

Students in Grades 9-12 work together with an experienced director, music director, choreographer, and stage manager to collaborate, create, and perform a professional production. Training includes acting, voice and diction, script analysis, a variety of dance, character analysis and development, and preparation for students who want to pursue dramatic arts at higher levels.

Creative Staff

We are grateful for StageDoor’s talented creative staff--award winning educators, playwrights, actors, vocalists, teachers, directors, choreographers, tech experts,  and producers…each with deep teaching experience infused with a passion for sharing the performing arts with their students. Our directors also have proven track records demonstrating the highest standards in the field of education. They inspire, enliven, nurture, and challenge each performer, while thriving on providing a positive and encouraging environment for students to learn and excel

for Qualified Students

Scholarships are available for qualified students.  To learn more, email us at

Want to Volunteer?

We are always looking for parent volunteers to help create the magic.  We welcome you to join our volunteer opportunities in events and special activities, backstage activities (props, costumes, set construction, stage management), tech (lights, sound), or helping out in our tickets and concessions.

About COVID-19

StageDoor Theatre is committed to the safety and health of our students, volunteers, families, and patrons.  We are open for classes, workshops, and performances based on guidelines from the State of Colorado and Jefferson County.

Our goal is always to provide our students with an environment that encourages imagination, fun, learning, and a true immersive theatre experience. 

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