Costumers help to bring each performer’s role alive. We welcome people who can sew, who can help us keep track of all of our costumes during the shows, people who can work back stage during performances assisting performers in costume changes, and more. No prior experience necessary…just the desire to make the show spectacular.


Marketing and Promotions

Can you help us promote our shows? We need people to help spread the word putting up posters and banners, providing graphics, web site support, and much more.


Set Design and Construction

Join us in creating the sets we use for each show. Whether you are a designer, a carpenter, a painter, and/or someone who loves working with others to create stage sets, we welcome you to join us.


Ticket Sales and Ushering

Every show needs people who can volunteer to help sell tickets and show people to their seats. If you like working with people and helping them find their perfect spot to see the show, join us as a ticketer and usher.


Stage Managers and Back Stage Assistants

Behind every performance are stage managers and assistants who make sure that everything goes according to plan and schedule. If you would like to play that important back stage role, contact us at Board@Stagedoortheatre.org

If you'd like to help us out, send us a line...