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Triple Feature

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Our last Triple Feature was such an amazingly good time that we've decided to do it again!  

Three one-acts will come together for an evening of fun.


Cousin Amy's Diner is a zany good time.  You're Driving Me Crazy explores the ups and downs of Driver's Ed., and How to Mess Up Pretty Much Anything is all about the theatrics of theatre!  Everyone will get a chance to shine in these shows.

Learn more:

Cousin Amy’s Diner

Have a seat wherever you like! Cousin Amy's Diner will do whatever it takes to make its customers happy...or not. Jordan, the manager, is saddled with two high school waitresses who prefer gossip and causing mischief to doing any actual work. No matter—it's virtually impossible to please this colorful array of customers...not that anyone is trying! When a well-known celebrity shows up, will everything go up in smoke? Full of zany one-liners and clever twists and turns. Oh...and don't forget to tip.

How to Mess Up Pretty Much Anything

Any worthwhile school play needs to teach some kind of lesson, right? When the curtain rises, the cast proudly announces that the lesson of this show is right there in the title. How to Mess Up Pretty Much Anything. But when the principal phones in and demands a more socially uplifting theme, no one has any ideas. So the actors plunge ahead with the original plan, frantically exploring random and outlandish scenarios as they try to figure out a way they can hold on to their original lesson and win the principal's approval before they get kicked off the stage!

You’re Driving Me Crazy

Most people have some funny stories about learning to drive, and driver’s ed seems to add to the absurdity of this rite of passage.  These four scenes take a hilarious look at the world of driver’s ed, especially from the instructor’s perspective. 

In them, we meet:  1) a nervous teacher who doesn’t seem to know the first thing about driving, 2) a teenage girl who brings some unexpected guests to her first driving class, 3) a teenage boy who’s forced to share a car with his temperamental ex-girlfriend, and 4) a teenage girl who can’t break away from her smartphone long enough to learn how to drive. 

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