Covid Restrictions for Stage Kiss

For Stage Kiss, StageDoor Theatre is operating as a FULLY VACCINATED THEATRE. You must be fully vaccinated.  With the recent spikes in the virus, MASKS ARE REQUIRED.  Thank you for your understanding.

Our actors, creative staff, and backstage persons are all fully vaccinated.  We have been masked throughout rehearsals, and have tested for Covid weekly.  

To learn more about StageDoor's Covid policies click here 

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Art imitates Life. Life imitates Art. When two actors with a history are thrown together as romantic leads in a forgotten 1930s melodrama, they quickly lose touch with reality as the story onstage follows them offstage.  Stage Kiss is about working actors, not stars, and begins with a woman auditioning for an off-off-off-Broadway director named Adrian Schwalbach. This witty play is peppered with wry, funny commentary on the emotional antics of actors at work. 

Meet the cast
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Paul Newman with Annotation.jpg
Paul Newman
Linda Swanson Brown w Annotation.jpg
Linda Swanson Brown
Leif Townsend w Annotation.jpg
Leif Townsend
Stage Manager
Brian Dowling w Annotation.jpg
Brian Dowling
Gavin Maurer
A Director
Vin Ernst with Annotation.jpg
Vin Ernst
Justin Johnson with Annotation.jpg
Justin Johnson
The Husband, or Harrison
Corinne Landy with Annotation.jpg
Corinne Landy
Millie, the Maid, Angela
Alexandra Brown w Annotatioin.jpg
Alexandra Brown
Millicent, Laurie