Please Share Your StageDoor Theatre Experience

"It is a unique learning experience where kids can grow and learn to be themselves." ~ Ian, age 13 

"StageDoor is a place where it feels like you always belong." ~ Jackson, Age 10

"I discovered Stagedoor Theatre in 2004.  Since then, as an actor and an audience member and a parent, I have watched it grow from an amazing community theatre to a full blown outstanding professional theatre.  Most people don't expect this high quality in a small mountain town.  I appreciate everything Stagedoor has to offer!" ~ Amanda Dougherty

"Small and up close. Not a bad seat in the house. I have enjoyed two productions at this theater. Well worth the drive from Westminster." ~ Tammy Shephard Little

"In my short time at StageDoor I was met with wonderful and motivated people who all came together to do one thing: create theatre. It went further than that, as they created art together. I witnessed people laugh, and cry and many moments that I will carry on with me forever. StageDoor has always and will always be a fantastic place for theatre in Colorado and I was honored to be a part of it!" ~ Kyle LaBoria


“My kids love Stagedoor. They have enjoyed every play they have been in. My son feels like StageDoor is a family.” ~ Robin Booth

"I loved performing in two plays with the adult company at StageDoor Theatre.  They bring in quality directors and attract actors from all over Denver and the mountain communities.   Every aspect of a StageDoor Theatre production is professional right down to the sets, the lighting, the sound design and the costumes." ~ Kim Bogin 

"I LOVE StageDoor!!! I can't say enough about the awesome people and the incredibly professional shows they put on. It's been a delight to have been in five of their Adult Company shows in the past few years and I have enjoyed every moment. Let me say again-- wonderful people are what makes it so great!" ~ Debbie Weinstein Minter

"StageDoor has helped me to become a part of my community, and to make new friends." ~ Elijah, Age 12

"StageDoor Theatre provides an absolutely fabulous program for youth in the Conifer Area.  The "family" that my daughter has found at StageDoor is a blessing in so many ways.  First, the kids spend so much time together that they create strong friendship bonds - these bonds help them navigate through the ups and downs of being a teenager in a very positive way.  Second, they really do get a quality education in the Theater Arts, singing, dancing, and stage-craft. Lastly, there aren't many extracurricular options for our youth in our area, knowing my daughter is in a safe, fun, and educational environment (that she truly enjoys) is a blessing.  I can't recommend StageDoor Theatre's educational programming enough!" ~ Susan Beams

"StageDoor gives families the opportunity to both participate in the creativity of the arts, and be a part of the local community." ~ Maren Wood

"A theatre that presents all the best aspects of Community; truly an experience of family at StageDoor. The education companies are bringing up an entire generation of artists in the mountains to their full potential. A uniquely beautiful experience working for this company." ~ Jo Gerlick

"The young actors at StageDoor have such an impressive and rare understanding of how to make theatre fun, accessible, and thoughtful. I am constantly inspired by the hard work the students put forth and the support of the StageDoor parents and community." ~ Tyler Phillips

"I love working at StageDoor. A community full of talented artists, great programs and wonderful people!" ~ Tanner Kelly

"I love spending time at StageDoor because it's a place where everyone is family"  ~ Maryn Rafdal, Age 13

"I've had such a blast at StageDoor over the years! This awesome theatre has grown so much even since I've been with it. StageDoor is a fantastic asset to our community." ~ Sally, Age 14

"We are so grateful to have StageDoor in our little mountain town! We love the educational programs, and always make a point to see the Adult Company performances. This place is a treasure." ~ Kathleen Widlund

"StageDoor has been such a great part of my week for the past few years! The student programs are super educational and a blast! The shows are ALWAYS fantastic. StageDoor helps make our mountain town a great one!" ~ Molly, Age 13

"Enrolling my daughter in the StageDoor programs has been one of the best outlets for her to express herself, to be a part of a team, and have fun." ~  Jodi Dolph