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Restrictions and Guidelines

The COVID crisis and the emergence of the new variant have challenged us all.  Theatres, in particular, face the challenge of accommodating our patrons and opening shows to as many people as possible, while also protecting our patrons, our actors, our students, and our staff.  

StageDoor has been approved by Jefferson County to operate as a Fully Vaccinated Facility at certain times and for certain events.  During the times and events when StageDoor is operating as a Fully Vaccinated Facility, the theater is excepted from Jefferson County mask requirements.  However, for Stage Kiss, patrons are also required to have proof of vaccination, and wear masks when inside the facility.  Instead, as described in more detail below, all patrons will be required to present proof of being fully vaccinated for COVID before entering the building.

Please see below for events that are NOT designated as "Fully Vaccinated Facility" events. 

Note:  A negative COVID test is NOT a substitute for vaccination or exemption.

In order to meet these requirements, each patron must fill out their full name, address, phone number, and email address before entering the building. 


To facilitate quick entry to the event, please fill out the contact form below.  StageDoor will also have contact forms at the door for those who have not filled out the contact form. 


The upside to this is that for all fully vaccinated patrons, no mask will be required.


Here are the restrictions as set forth by Jefferson County:


The following restrictions and guidelines apply to the events designated above when StageDoor is operating as a Fully Vaccinated Facility:

  • Before entering the building, patrons must produce to StageDoor staff proof that they are fully vaccinated against COVID

  • Proof may be in the form of their COVID vaccination record card, a photo of the card or their vaccine record on the MyColorado app

  • The only exemptions from the vaccine requirement are children under age 5 and individuals who self-attest to a valid medical or religious exemption from vaccination

  • There is no exception for a negative covid test

  • At least 95% of all building occupants must be fully vaccinated, which means that no more than 5% of those entering the buildng may be exempt from being fully vaccinated

  • StageDoor must deny entry to any person exempt from vaccination if their entry would cause the number of of non-fully vaccinated persons in the building to exceed 5%

  • Entry will be denied to anyone who refuses to present proof of vaccination or self-attest to a valid exemption

In addition to providing proof of vaccination, all patrons must provide their full name, address, email address, and phone number prior to entering the facility.

Please use this form to provide that information.

This information will be used only for Covid verification.  

Thank you for your understanding!

Covid Contact Information
This information will be used only for Covid verification

Thanks for submitting!



At all times during which StageDoor is not operating as a Fully Vaccinated Facility, all persons entering the StageDoor facility must wear face coverings that fully cover their nose and mouth. Under JCPH Order 21-006 Section 3, children under age 3 and individuals who cannot medically tolerate a face covering are exempt from wearing this face covering requirement. Under JCPH Order 21-006, Section 4, individuals may remove their face coverings in the facility while these activities are being performed:

  • Communicating with hearing impaired or disabled persons where the ability to see the mouth is required

  • Actively eating or drinking

  • Actively engaged in a performing arts performance so long as the individual maintains at least 12 feet distance from others individuals


Except for the limited exemptions and exceptions provided above, no persons will be permitted to enter the StageDoor facility without wearing the required face covering.

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