Lion King KIDS

Why StageDoor? - For more than a dozen years, StageDoor has provided professional performing arts education to students of all ages in the mountain community and surrounding areas. Classes support the aspiring performer, as well as students simply wanting to experience the stage and all it has to offer. StageDoor prides itself in its diverse group of theatre professionals instructing at every educational level, each offering a fresh experience, vision and new skill set for students. StageDoor is not just a community theatre, it's a place where our students, families and community members connect on and off the stage — it's a second home. 

Why Theatre?Research has proven that the performing arts encourage and promote the exploration of practical skills which are vital in everyday life, higher level education, and future career paths. Skills include:


• Creativity • Social Collaboration & Interaction • Memorization • Language & Presentation Skills • Problem-Solving • Confidence & Self-Discipline • Conquering Anxiety• Perseverance • Focus

Lion King KIDS

Fame-The Musical

Our Directors StageDoor’s seasoned and talented directors are award-winning playwrights, actors, vocalists, teachers, directors, producers and much more; each with deep teaching experience infused with a passion for sharing the stage with their students. Our accomplished directors have proven track records demonstrating the highest standards in the field of performing arts education, while thriving on providing a positive and encouraging environment for students to learn and excel.  They have a knack for identifying each student's individual gifts, and then masterfully leading a collaboration to make the team one.

Once Upon a Mattress

Madagascar JR

Scholarships are available to qualified students. Email: